Programs we offer

helping adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities lead comfortable lives

Our ultimate goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide loving homes for adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in the Lehigh Valley. Our facilities will provide a loving, safe community where all adults with Autism & Developmental Disabilities are welcome. A home setting ran by Christian values based on love where fellow people of faith with Autism & Developmental Disabilities can share spiritual values if they choose to do so and remain independent as much as possible. Our main purpose will always be “to provide an environment in which our residents will feel loved, well looked after and appreciated in a theocratic home run for their benefit.”

Parents Night Out Program (PNOP)

Providing in-home non-medical caregiver assistance to families who have an adult child with Autism & Developmental Disabilities. Professionally trained caregivers provide in-home care while allowing parents to enjoy a night out or a few hours of personal leisure. Our foundation is established upon providing proactive and family-centered care to maximize functional independence and engagement. Caring for a child with special needs is a lifelong commitment and can lead to caregiver burnout. PNOP allows family members to enjoy and engage in their personal leisure activities or hobbies outside of the home with the security of knowing their adult child will be safely and properly cared for. Contributions will assist in the progression of this in-home family- centered program.

Love House

Giving a Loved One Life

Raising the Standard of Special Needs Care